Rainbow Peace T-Shirt

    • Digital print
    • Fitted t-shirt (for a looser fit we recommend going a size up)
    • Constructed in a lightweight 100% white cotton
    • Due to the natural fibre composition, this will shrink approx 3%
    • Sleeves are rolled up for styling purposes
  • The Rainbow Flag was created by San Fransisco artist Gilbert Baker in 1978. Thirty volunteers hand dyed & stitched the first 2 flags for the San Fransisco Gay Freedom Day Parade on June the 25th, 1978. After Harvey Milk's assination in November 1978, San Fran's Pride Committe used Gilbert's flag to show their solidarity & strength. Although it originally had 8 colours, 2 were removed so it could be evenly divided along the parade path, with 3 colours on each side. The 6 coloured version we have today signifies the pride and diversity in our community. In 1989 the flag reached nationwide attention in the US after John Stout sued his landlords when they tried to stop him from hanging his flag from his West Hollywood balcony. He won. To this day Gilbert still lives in San Fran and still makes flags.